Kissing games

These lovers went to the beach. They are very fond of each other and can not resist stay without a kiss even a minute.

These two lovers meet only when they arrive to a summer vacation in the village.

These two vampires are in love with each other. They meet secretly, because their parents are sworn enemies.

This couple wants to spend some time together, but there are always someone who interferes them.

This boy and girl are in love for a long time with each other.

This couple met secretly, because their parents are against their relationships. They try to hide, but detectives are constantly watching them.

The two lovers are very shy to show their feelings in public.

These lovers went to the beach. They are in love and can not stay without the kiss, even in a crowded place.

These children are in love with each other. They sit at the same desk, have lunches together in the cafeteria and go home on the school bus.

Cinderella and her boyfriend were walking through the park. But Cinderella's stepmother doesn't leave the loving couple even for a minute.

The patient fell in love with his nurse. The relationship between medical staff and patients are prohibited, so they have to hide their feelings.

These lovers are meeting secretly from everyone.

Snow White met a handsome prince. They fell in love at first sight. They want to have a kiss, but little gnomes are constantly spying after them.

This young girl has always dreamed of flying in a balloon.

This guy is a popular rock star. He does not like to put the relationship on the show and tries to kiss his beloved when nobody sees them.

In order to get a kiss from a beautiful girl you have to guess where she is hiding.

In this game you need to help this lover to have a kiss. You must perform the kiss through a tunnel.

These two lovers are very shy. It's their first date and you need to push them to their first kiss.

This couple went to the beach to spend some time together. But the fact is that there are a lot of people who are looking at them constantly.

This couple goes to the laundry every weekend to wash their clothes. While the clothes is washed, they usually enjoy kissing each other.

This couple has started dating recently and still no one knows that they are together. They went to a party in honor of St.

These two love each other, but the problem is that they are working together and office romances are strictly forbidden.

On the St. Valentine's day this couple is going to the rink. Here they decided to have a kiss, but there are too many people.

Bella and Edward love each other, but they have to hide, because Edward is not like other guys, he is a vampire.

This guy is very smart. In order to get acquainted with the girls, he invented a special aircraft.

These two love each other, but they are celebrities and paparazzi are constantly looking after them.

These two lovers decided to visit the restaurant on the St. Valentine day.

This loving couple is waiting for a bus. It is raining on the street and they hide together under one umbrella.

These two lovers meet only at night so that no one would notice them. You need to help the lovers to have a secret kiss.

These two lovers are working together, they do not miss a single opportunity to have a kiss.

Anna and Christophe love each other. They hide their feelings from Elsa, because she does not like their relationships.

The main character of this game found a leprechaun treasure, but instead of money he asked him for something else.

You are in love with your classmate for a long time and finally you decided to kiss him.

This loving couple went to the movie to spend time together and have a secret kiss.

In this game you need to help Mr. and Mrs. Claus to kiss secretly from everyone. The fact is that the prankster elves permanently disturb them.

In this game you have to help the prince and princess in love to have a secret kiss on the flying carpet.

Mr. and Mrs. Santa love each other very much. They rarely get the chance to be alone and so they want to they enjoy with this moment.

When people are in love, everything seems quite different, even the colors get brighter.

Rapunzel and Flynn fell in love.

These two lovers live in the same neighborhood. They meet secretly and do not want anyone to see them together.

Bella can not decide with whom she should stay that is why she date with both guys.

Sleeping Beauty has slept for a long time and finally a beautiful prince came to free her from the curse, but to help her to wake up you need to cr

Selena and Justin went to exotic islands to stay together away from pesky paparazzi.

Student fell in love with his teacher and decided to kiss her right at the lecture.

Spiderman rescued a beautiful girl from a villain. He fell in love with her and decided to kiss her.

This guy is in love with his housekeeper. His friend like her too. Your task is to help the guy to have a secret kiss.

These lovers went to the park to stay alone. But the curious passersby do not give them a chance to have a secret kiss.

A loving couple went to the theater, but besides watching the play, they want to have a secret kiss.

This two young people fell in love at first sight. They could not stay without a kiss and they want to make sure that nobody will notice them.

These couple is studying monsters at school. They have long been in love with each other, but only in high school they shared their feelings.

This loving couple likes spending time at the seaside. They can't stay without a kiss even a minute and that is why they need your help.

This couple can't stay without kissing even at the public library. The other visitors may not like it and the lovers need your help.

These two lovers met at the gym. They are engaged at the same time, so they have plenty of time to be together.

In many companies office romances are strictly prohibited.

This loving couple went to a deserted beach to spend time alone, but the paparazzi do not give them even a minute.

Nick And Nickie met in the school cafeteria to spend some time together. They want to have a kiss, but the chef is constantly watching after them.

This loving couple constantly kisses each other.

This loving couple went to the beach. They love each other and can not resist the kiss, even in such a public place.

This loving couple went to the restaurant on a date. They are in love with each other and can not resist a kiss.

These two lovers like the thrill. They decided to kiss while riding a motorcycle.

Barbie and Ken are in love with each other. They very much want to stay alone, but there is always someone who disturbs them.

You with your friends went on a trip on a pink Cadillac. Your boyfriend and girlfriend sat together in the back seat.

The nurse has felt in love with a young guy that was a patient and he felt in love with her at first sight too.

After party the guy conducted a girl home and they decided to have good-bye kiss, but the girl's parents did not like it and that is why you need t

These two lovers decided to run away from everyone in order to have a secret kiss. Your tasks it is to help them in this.

At the party you are introduced to a charming girl and fell in love with her at first sight.

These two are in love with each other.

This loving couple lives next door. They are like to stay on the balcony, but the old woman always puts her nose there and disturbs them.

The head of cheerleaders is in love with the captain of the football team. They often meet each other secretly from everyone.

Once the mermaid saw a beautiful young man on the beach and fell in love with him at first sight.

These two young people are in love, but the problem is that they are colleagues and as you know, office romances are strictly prohibited at the wor

One day walking along the seashore a man saw a beautiful mermaid and fell in love with her.

Marilyn Monroe was the most attractive woman and many men were in love with her. But Merlin loved only one man and did not hide her feelings.

The guy with his girlfriend went to the beach. They love each other kiss each other very often.

You are in love with your class-mate, but only in high school you dared to tell him about your feelings. As it turned out, he loves you too.

These two pop singers style are in love and even during a performance they can not resist the kiss.

This loving couple is going on a journey.

Finally Cinderella and prince are together. They love each other and very often spend time together.

These newlyweds went on a trip around the world. They kiss in each new city, but the rest of the tourists do not like it.

You and your girl decided to walk in the park and found the most distant bench where there were less people.

Young couple went to the seaside. Caressing sun and murmur of the sea have created a very romantic atmosphere. They could not resist a kiss.

These two lovers come up with an original way of meeting.

You probably know what love triangle is. In the company of three people all mixed up. Our heroine loves her boyfriend's friend.

This loving couple can not live without kissing even a minute. Even in school library they are can not stay without a kiss.

You are in love with the princess, but her father doesn’t approve your feelings.

You and your boyfriend went to the bakery to buy a cake.

Park is a very romantic place to have a kiss, but people who walk around unhappy to such open display of feelings.

Justin Bieber and his girlfriend Selena Gomez went on a journey. Justin saw a very attractive stewardess on the plane and wanted to kiss her.

This loving couple is going on a trip. They are waiting for their flight and want to have a kiss.

It's Harry Potter and Hermione! They are in love with each other.

Kissing in the cinema it's so romantic, but not everybody agrees.

This loving couple really wanted to spend time together. They met in the meadow where as it seemed before no one will disturb them.

This pair is recently met at the club. They are so in love and just can not stay without kissing.

You went on a date with a young girl, but her father is watching you intently. You really want to kiss her. But you have to avoid her father.

Young couple went to the market for groceries. They love each other and can not live a minute without kissing.

Young couple went to the library to prepare for the upcoming exam.

Justin and Selena decided to get away from everyone and spend some time together. This stellar couple nowhere can hide.

You really want to stay alone with your boyfriend to have a secret kiss, but your curious friends follow you everywhere.

In this game you have to help two lovers to spend time together. They both work in the hospital and almost have no time to kiss.

Charlie Chaplin and his girlfriend go for a romantic dinner. They called a taxi but once they sat near each other, they wanted to kiss.

Two young men decided to walk along the sea coast. During the walk they wanted to have a kiss and sat down on a bench.

Mr. Bean does not like to kiss, but his girlfriend dreams only about kissing with him. The only moment she can kiss him is while he is dreaming.

This loving couple decided to kiss in the car. But the people who live in the nearest house don't like it; they can even call the police.

Help couples in love to kiss in the school premises. But this should be done so that no one would suspect them. Have fun!

This loving couple decided to kiss even under threat of death. The girl has a jealous fan who will shoot anyone who dares to kiss her.

Loving couple says goodbye at the airport.

These couple is really in love with each other that they can not sit quietly in class.

This young couple is loves to spend time together. But wherever they are, there are always people that prevent them to have a kiss.

Your girl is working stewardess on the plane and you almost don't see her. The only possibility to have a kiss is to take a flight with her.

Between playing in volleyball the couple of lovers decided to have a kiss. But how they can hide from the players of another team?

This young couple decided to rest abroad. Walking on the streets of the city they decided to have a kiss, but they don't want to be seen.

As a result of confusion with the tickets the couple was separated.

This loving couple decided to spend their vacation in London and visit a variety of attractions and scenic spots.

This pair of lovers decided to stay home today and don't go nowhere. They decided to hide from everyone, but unfortunately it is not so easy.

For these two lovers the weather does not matter.

Everybody knows the story about Sleeping Beauty.

Our heroes decided to have a kiss right in the park during a picnic where their friends are present. Somebody is always spying for the couple.

There is no such romantic place on the earth than the city of lovers - Paris.

You went with your boyfriend on a date. You did not even notice as the evening came.

Send kisses to girls and be very precise to avoid the occasional passer-by. You have a limited amount of time so act quickly!

Newly married couple decided to spend their honeymoon in Venice. Of course, they decided to take a boat ride.

In some fairy tales the beautiful princess turns into animals or sleeps like she is dead, but in this tale everything has turned all the way around

After a romantic date the guy is taking the girl to her home. And here is the first kiss in private.

The girl and her boyfriend just can not live without each other. In order to win in this game it is important to kiss secretly.

Help the unusual couple of vampires to have a kiss. The harmful bat always watching for them and try to prevent a kiss!

The first school love and first kiss are always so exciting. This loving couple wants to have a kiss when the teacher comes out.

The only place where the couple can meet it's the yard. But there's always someone walks, drives, peeps.

In this game you will win the heart of one of the main characters of the movie "Twilight".

This young couple can not stay without each other even for a minute.

The school library is a great quiet place where you can kiss the girl of your dreams! But be careful because you are not alone there!

Selena and Justin are very famous pair of celebrities who have brought relations despite his great popularity and a huge list of concerts and vario

These two lovercats want to have a secret kiss. Help them not be caught by a guard dog and another cat.

Instead of preparing for the classes, the couple only pretends to preparing for test in literature.

The war between the vampire clans is coming. But our heroes don’t want to be a part of it. They want to enjoy each other.

You are both standing at the train and station and waiting for his train to arrive. Grab your chance and kiss him before the train comes or ....

You are visiting the concert of a famous group. It's quite dark in the concert hall. So you will have several opportunities for kissing.

Famous couple is spending time in the forest together. But paparazzi are always behind them.

Young couple is staying at the bedroom. But there are lot of other people and disturbances too.

Young couple is waiting for their fiends near the huge shopping mall.

It looks like our undercover agents are in love. And they are on their duty today. But they just want to kiss each other.

Young man and woman are sitting together in the office. They are in love and they want to kiss other every free minute.

The couple is in love! And they are adore kissing! Help the, enjoy their wonderful kisses of love.

Young boy and girl are spending time in the gym.

Today our beautiful princess will get married with her beloved prince! The wedding is taking place and the prince wants to kiss the princess!

Trick or Treat! Halloween is tonight! You are dressed in a witch and your boyfriend looks like a vampire.

A young couple is standing near the house where their parents live.

The young guy needs to kiss both of the girl sat the party but they must not spot each other.

Your lover is far away in a scary location. You will need to find them and kiss them but you need to avoid the bad characters.

The cupids would like to kiss each other without being noticed.

You will turn in to a cupid girl and help the love birds kiss.

A baseball player would like to kiss her partner in the match interval. However they do not want to kiss when people can see them.

Click and hold on the character to make them kiss. However, release the mouse button if someone comes as they must not be seen.

The couple are on a romantic getaway and want to kiss each other. You can click them to make them kiss and hold the mouse button down.

The monkey couple are kissing but cannot be caught.

You need to make sure that the busybodies do not see you kissing as you enjoy the movie!

The teachers must not catch the students kissing. Click and hold down the mouse button to make them kiss.

Take care on your motorcycle as you kiss your lover.

This couple want you to help them kiss without the dog or any people watching.

You do not want to be glared out while kissing on the beach in Hawaii.

In the Wild West public displays of affection are illegal. This means that you will need to be really discrete in this game.

Your girlfriend wants to hit you because she is angry but the only thing that will stop her is a kiss.

You are on a date and want to be romantic and kiss. You need to hold down the mouse to kiss and full the meter within the time limit.

You want to give your boyfriend a special birthday kiss to go with his birthday cake at the party.

Paris Hilton wants some romantic time with her date.

You need to kiss your girlfriend but only when your mother is not looking.

James Bond is at an undercover operation and wants to kiss his girlfriend. Have fun helping him to kiss her when no one else is looking.

Jack and his lover are at the dining table on their first date. They want to kiss but do not let anyone see them.

The couple have fallen in love at first sight. They want to have their first kiss without being seen. Let them kiss until someone comes along.

The lovers want to kiss in the dark but must not be seen. Help then to do this and you will be able to earn points.

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